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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Aqua-Chem Evaporator CG Class Ships
Auxiliary Systems Evaporator Marine Repair Support Form

Ship Information
Ships' Name Hull Number

Contact Information
Name Rank
Telephone Number Extension Number
Email Address
Work Center

Equipment Manufacturer Information
Serial Number Model Number
Technical Manual Number

Brief Descprition Of Problem

Preliminary Information
Is the boiler steam plant pressure steady and not fluctuating for the supplied steam to this evaporator?
Is your air ejector condenser vent line steadily venting steam to the atmosphere? A slight "puffing" of steam is normal.
Are any the evaporator systems high or flooded, such as Flash Chambers, Distillate Sight Glasses, or Feed Water Heater Sight Glasses?
Are any of the pump mechanical seals leaking fluid or pulling a suction from the atmosphere, such as Distillate Pump, Condensate Pump, or/and Brine Pump?
Pumps that have packing glands and packing strands, in lieu of mechanical seals, are designed for a slight leak off rate of 20 to 40 drops per minute.
Is pump leak off rate 20 to 40 drops per minute?
Is the packing gland dead ended to the pump casing body?
Is the packing gland allowing air to be sucked back into the pump body cavity?
When was the last time the Feed Water Heater Tubes were cleaned?

Pressure Gauge Readings
Feed Pump Discharge
Second Stage Shell
Distillate Pump Discharge
Brine Pump Discharge
Feed Water Heater Shell
Condenste Pump Discharge
Air Supply
Intenionally Left Blank

Temperature Gauge Readings
Feed Water Inlet
Feed Water Heater Outlet
1st Stage
2nd Stage
Distillate Outlet
Feed Water Heater Steam Inlet
Feed Water Heater Shell
1st Stage Condenser Outlet
2nd Stage Condenser Outlet
Intentionally Left Blank

Salinity Cell Readings
Distillate Discharge
Condensate Pump Discharge
After Condenser Drain
Inner Stage Distillate Loop

Water Level Stages
First Stage Second Stage

Distillate Trough Levels
First Stage Second Stage

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