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scruples 2.0 x 101 grains
seconds (angle) 2.778 x 10-4 degrees
seconds (angle) 1.667 x 10-2 minutes
seconds (angle) 3.087 x 10-6 quadrants
seconds (angle) 4.848 x 10-6 radians
slugs 1.459 x 101 kilograms
slugs 3.217 x 101 pounds
sphere (solid angle) 1.257 x 101 steradians
square centimeters 1.973 x 105 circular mils
square centimeters 1.076 x 10-3 sq. feet
square centimeters 1.55 x 10-1 sq. inches
square centimeters 1.0 x 10-4 sq. meters
square centimeters 3.861 x 10-11 sq. miles
square centimeters 1.0 x 102 sq. millimeters
square centimeters 1.196 x 10-4 steradians
square feet 2.296 x 10-5 acres
square feet 1.833 x 10-8 circular mils
square feet 9.29 x 102 sq. cms.
square feet 1.44 x 102 sq. inches
square feet 9.29 x 10-2 sq. meters
square feet 3.587 x 10-8 sq. miles
square feet 9.29 x 104 sq. millimeters
square feet 1.111 x 10-1 sq. yards
square inches 1.273 x 106 circular mils
square inches 6.452 sq. cms.
square inches 6.944 x 10-3 sq. ft.
square inches 6.452 x 102 sq. millimeters
square inches 1.0 x 106 sq. mils
square inches 7.716 x 10-4 sq. yards
square kilometers 2.471 x 102 acres
square kilometers 1.0 x 1010 sq. cms.
square kilometers 1.076 x 107 sq. ft.
square kilometers 1.55 x 109 sq. inches
square kilometers 1.0 x 106 sq. meters
square kilometers 3.861 x 10-1 sq. miles
square kilometers 1.196 x 106 sq. yards
square meters 2.471 x 10-4 acres
square meters 1.0 x 104 sq. cms.
square meters 1.076 x 101 sq. ft.
square meters 1.55 x 103 sq. inches
square meters 3.861 x 10-7 sq. miles
square meters 1.0 x 106 sq. millimeters
square meters 1.196 sq. yards
square miles 6.40 x 102 acres
square miles 2.788 x 107 sq. ft.
square miles 2.590 sq. kms.
square miles 2.59 x 106 sq. meters
square miles 3.098 x 106 sq. yards
square millimeters 1.973 x 103 circular mils
square millimeters 1.0 x 10-2 sq. cms.
square millimeters 1.076 x 10-5 sq. ft.
square millimeters 1.55 x 10-3 sq. inches
square mils 1.273 circular mils
square mils 6.452 x 10-6 sq. cms.
square mils 1.0 x 10-6 sq. inches
square yards 2.066 x 10-4 acres
square yards 8.361 x 103 sq. cms.
square yards 9.0 sq. ft.
square yards 1.296 x 103 sq. inches
square yards 8.361 x 10-1 sq. meters
square yards 3.228 x 10-7 sq. miles
square yards 8.361 x 105 sq. millimeters
steradians 7.958 x 10-2 spheres
steradians 1.592 x 10-1 hemispheres
steradians 6.366 x 10-1 spherical right angles
steradians 3.283 x 103 square degrees
steres 9.99973 x 102 liters

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